Cake Kids App

Predicting early signs of psychopathological disease among children in a web app


Our web app uses machine learning models built upon the FER-2013 dataset

Dartmouth Database of Children's Faces

Then, we fine-tuned the model using the Dartmouth dataset

Combining it all-together!

We created a web-app mimicking a research technique known as
Incredible Cake-Kids


Built Using

The web app uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Machine Learning

Implements DeepFace, a lightweight face recognition and facial attribute analysis (age, gender, emotion and race) framework for Python.

Easy to use

Works simply in your browser!

Data Collection

Developed for simple lab research relating to facial expression recogntion.

Get in touch

We are three students from University of California, San Diego! Our names are Anthony Dang, Varun Dinesh, Chaninder Rishi.
It's nice to meet you!